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“Could I Live With Being Fake” - Tom A. Smith |Review

Filled with a powerful message and rich vocals, Tom A. Smith’s newest single, “Could I Live With Being Fake,” tackles the artist’s dilemma regarding career choices.

"I wrote this at a time when I’d turned down doing some things that guaranteed some high profile publicity and maybe even success, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do or feel passionate about,” Smith says. “It didn’t mean I didn’t doubt if I was doing the right thing, but deep down I knew I was right and should believe in myself."

“Could I Live With Being Fake” opens with loud, pounding drums. Repeated multiple times: a slower combination of drums then leads to a faster, harder combination. The drums set the stage for a quick, booming song. While Smith never sounds angry, the song’s style and message imply that, to some degree, he’s sad that he had to make the decision and that people do act fake for publicity and success.

Throughout the song, Smith’s vocals are clear and captivating. His voice is rich with emotions, drawing the listener in and leaving then hanging onto every word Smith sings.

One line that stood out to me was when Smith sings, “tomorrow is so uncertain.” It just felt so relatable. You never know what to expect and what the future will bring. All that’s in your power is trying your best and what you desire at that moment. For a career like Smith’s, that could be even more challenging because, in order to succeed, you must be thrust into the spotlight and are under the scrutiny of the public. Your career depends on yourself but also on how others perceive and like you. It’s so easy to mold yourself for others in order to succeed, which is exactly what Smith is dealing with. Yet, even if you do that, that doesn’t guarantee anything: it doesn’t lessen the uncertainty. The struggles Smith faces and the decisions he makes, especially being open about them, is extremely powerful and vulnerable.

Tom A. Smith’s “Could I Live With Being Fake” is a strong, influential anthem. It’s one everyone should listen to and learn from.

Tom A. Smith began releasing music last year with his single “Wolves.” Then, starting 2022, Smith released his first EP, EP 1. Since releasing “Wolves,” Smith has performed at many gigs, supporting Courteeners, Martha Hill, Vistas, Blondes, The Pale White, Eliza and The Bear, and Gang of Youths. However, Smith’s played his first gig at eight years old at The Cluny, supporting Detroit Social Club. He’s played at Glastonbury, Kendal Calling, and with Sam Fender and Catfish & The Bottlemen. Smith has always loved music, and it’s just all he wants to pursue in life.

Written by Anne Friedman

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