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“Corduroy” by Memorial |Review

Corduroy by Memorial is a steadfast reminder to live in the moment: “For now, no distractions / I’m here to be here with you.” This song captures the feeling of a serendipitous encounter, laced with the kind of happiness only produced when the stars align. This song has an open, breezy sound that sways you to its peaceful melody. There is a satisfying blend of instrumentals throughout this song, with emphasis on an acoustic guitar's simple yet alluring combination of chords. Through the openness of their sound, Memorial places its audience into the beautiful moment it portrays, establishing Corduroy as a song that makes you feel included in its narrative of perfection.

No one is more aware of the feeling this song brings than the duo Memorial themselves. When speaking about this song, they said, "Corduroy is the actualization of a feeling. It was written in the residual joy following a perfect day. One of those days that hits a sweet spot - The weather holds out, it’s so unplanned but all your friends seem to be available, no effort is required to feel comfortable and your mind is so spacious that it has enough room to simultaneously be present in the moment and witness it as an outer body experience. This song is about the memory of a day like this and knowing that not every day can be like this."

With Corduroy being the duo’s first release since their full-length LP, to say that Memorial’s return has been anticipated is an understatement. There is a clear continuation of their previous sound, making it feel like no time has passed since we last heard from them. To tie in with their latest release, Memorial will play a string of shows supporting Darlington over the coming days. The future looks bright for Memorial, and Corduroy serves as a precursor for many more perfect days- and songs- to come.

Written By: Julia Brennan

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