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"Complicated" - Julia Viktoria | Review

I don't know about you, but this song feels like the power-pop anthem to close out summer.

Julia Viktoria gives me major bubble gum Kim Petras energy with her newest single "Complicated". The bass drives this track forward and then the chorus melts together in a beautiful wash of synths that just make you want to dance. Julia's vocals just exude so much love and joy. The track talks about the complicated nature of searching for love when still carrying a lot of emotional baggage. I am absolutely in love with this artist!

This single is the first part of a series of English language releases and will be followed by a new song later in the autumn. As always with her music, this is a pop song with powerful and thoughtful lyrics together with a tight and modern production.

If I shared my secrets would you let me in? I´m not afraid I´m terrified…

In her brand new late summer single, “Complicated”, Julia Viktoria describes how life can turn out when searching for love. What it is like to go on dates and try to create something new and lasting, and how things can turn out wrong when you still have old emotional baggage to carry. And instead you start complicating the new situation.

In the autumn of 2021, Julia Viktoria releases new music in English again. The lyrics for “Complicated” emerged during a period in 2020 when the world was kind of upside down.

It was not only the world being complicated: relationships began to get complicated too, and meeting someone became even harder. Julia Viktoria has written the song together with Johannes Willinder, who also produced the track. In a basement studio in the Old Town of Stockholm, the song grew during a cold and rainy week. With the backdrop of rain in the oldest part of the Swedish capitol combined with the atmospheric street lamps in the alleys, the emotional lyrics emerged.When the more hopeful melody came out, everything was mixed together into a happy summer tune spiced with a touch of sadness and longing in the lyrics.

“Life is often complicated; in relation to others but also to yourself and your own feelings. It is easy to rethink, cancel dates and meetings, doubt yourself, doubt your own ability and send out mixed messages. ”says Julia Viktoria.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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