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“Complicated” - Fanny Andersen | Review

A charming and catchy pop beat, ‘Complicated’ just feels like the track in a movie that makes you want to fall in love.

With a pulsing electro beat, Fanny shows off her penchant for a catchy melody paired with lush, fizzy pop production. After blasting back into the music scene with alt-pop favorite Wake Up, Fanny continues to deliver her signature form of honest and clever lyricism on this new offering. Lyrically its simple and punchy and melodically just perfect power pop.

Norways’ Fanny Andersen might already be a familiar name to some after she stormed into the internet consciousness with her buzzy breakout song Kids. Soon after, Fanny found herself in turmoil with her ex-management and her romantic relationship, and in the middle of a mental health breakdown that lasted till late 2018. Fanny ensued coping mechanisms and felt creatively challenged. Fanny soon developed a knack for delivering songs about the extremes and complexities of modern life in a package that, on first listen, sounds positively upbeat. The challenges she faced during this time are depicted in her previous offering Wake Up.

With a fresh outlook and a new horizon (in the shape of a brand new team), Fanny is well placed to continue her journey from the false start and deliver her clever pop to the masses again. She is currently in the studio working with a new line of collaborators including Olly Burden (The Prodigy), Steve Weston (Skrillex / Rudimental) and Jamie Reynolds (Klaxons).

Review by Hannah Schneider

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