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‘Comparisons’ - Driveaway | Review

Pop-rock with a bit of the retro vibe that has been trending all summer.

When I first heard the start of the song I kind of got a bit of a Verzache vibe but as it continued it took on that rock flavor that really sets it apart from the more basic retro pop that is emerging right now. I love this twist on a new pop culture trend. Very fun song to blast in the car.

This song was lyrically inspired by a relationship that fell apart due to constant comparisons being made--the chorus lyrics "If you want this, I can want this, do you love me still?" represents the peak of that hopelessness of love that is clearly falling apart.

From the storied music culture of Gainesville, Florida, Driveaway attracted a young following with its 2017 debut album, Lacuna. The band’s original lineup featured TJ Fillmer on lead vocals and guitar, now-frontman Trenton Ropp on guitar, his younger brother Tanner Ropp on bass, and Zach Ayala on drums. The four Gainesville natives began performing together as Driveaway in the spring of 2016. The band’s early sound conjoined traditions of pop, rock, and blues, a distinctive blend evident in the 2016 single “I.N.L.C.." In early 2017, drummer Andrew Mankin replaced Ayala and Driveaway began recording its first studio album.

Lacuna presents a scattering of sounds and styles but is held together by a thematic focus on the question of how time’s passing affects the loving heart. The title is a reference to Fillmer’s departure from the group to pursue a career in medicine. This transition is discussed in the poetic and soft “Grow Without Me,” Fillmer’s goodbye to Driveaway and its fans. The album’s final track, “8th Song, Goodnight,” introduced fans to the new Driveaway with the Ropp brothers at the helm.

In the summer of 2018, guitarist Kyle Tapley joined Mankin and the Ropp Brothers, and Driveaway reentered the Gainesville music scene with an updated dance-rock and indie-pop pallet. Currently, the band is recording a new set of singles and has already released “Northside,” a groove-based anthem championing self-discovery.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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