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"Company" - Dyllan x kidgloves | Review

“Company” is the quintessential meaning of pure bliss. When listening to this song, I felt like I could be floating on a cloud. It really calmed me down, to the point where no matter how much coffee I have consumed, I could still feel both my heart rate and blood pressure dropping.

Both the lyrics and their voices are a perfect match for the instrumental - Dyllann with the soft almost Bill Eillish voice and Kidgloves with an autotuned Of Mice and Men sound. Each singer’s personality subtly makes the other’s voice sound better… if that makes sense. Each voice compliments each other’s, almost like a yin and yang kind of match.

The genre “Company” is an odd mix. To me, I hear pieces of electric, folk-pop, folk, and adult contemporary. It’s almost like that picture of the dress that was floating around the internet a couple of years ago - some people saw the color blue others saw gold…

It’s up to each’s perception.

Finding a song that calms me down is a very difficult task. From monks humming to the sound of the ocean; none really worked, but after listening to “Company” I can officially say I have found the stress ball of songs.

Both Dyllan and Kidgloves hail from Los Angeles. Dyllan characterizes herself as a “synth-pop songstress” and Kidgloves a singer, songwriter, and producer says his obsessions are “ KUSC 91.5 - guyliner - and Wimbledon returns.”

Welcome to a stress-free 3 min and 30 secs of bliss.

Written Quincy Williamson

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