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"Coming Back For Me" - Jenny Kern | Review

In the early hours of the night, before the sun has risen, amidst a sleepless night, many of us find ourselves in our most introspective states. “Coming Back for Me,” the latest single by Jenny Kern, is a deep indie pop tune that evokes the same feelings of staring into the dark of your room with moments of clarity coming to the surface.

There’s an eclectic collection of sound at work here. Initially, “Coming Back for Me” sounds like it could be a bonus track on Phoebe Bridgers' album “Punisher,” with a beat that sounds like a heartbeat, and a guitar pulsing behind deep, distant keys. By the second verse, something switches— filtered harmonies are introduced, making it sound closer to that of The Japanese House. While more sounds pop up throughout its duration, the atmosphere it creates stays the same— it’s dark and brooding, while also being contemplative and musing.

At its core, that’s what the song is truly about. Lyrically, the song explores solitude and what it takes to be comfortable being alone. It captures the feelings of isolation, but being content with it. The song ends on a major chord, completing the journey of finding peace in the silence. It’s incredibly effective, and ensures that the overall listening experience is a positive one; the listener feels at peace with it, not lonely and despondent.

So sit with this song for a while. Plug in your earbuds as the dark consumes your room, and get to know yourself. Make peace with the quiet. Be your own best friend.

Jenny Kern is a singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. The Canadian-born singer/songwriter is known for her dreamlike, atmospheric music, alluring vocals, and lyrics that are equal parts eloquent and expressive. She caught the eye of music lovers across the world upon the release of her debut single “Slow Burn,” landing her a European tour and appearances on MTV, ABC, and CW. She’s currently working on more music with esteemed professionals in the industry like producer Andy Seltzer, and she plans on releasing more for her audience later this year.

Written by Jess Ward

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