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"Colours" - VC Pines |Review

Alternative indie artist VC Pines’ newest single Colours, co-written by The 1975’s Ross

MacDonald, has already made significant impact, despite just being released a month ago.

Critics have high praise for the singer-songwriter, one online magazine claiming that he presents "A smooth and mellow slice of indie magic, with a jagged edge in its lyricism detailing disempowerment and loneliness.”

The track brings a fresh mix of indie, soul, pop, R&B, and slight funk elements throughout,

giving the tune a lively and zestful character. Within seconds of the song starting, you are already lost in the beat and feel mesmerized by his sound, even more so when the luscious backing vocals are added. The track is flooded with waves of regret and yearning, as it explores the feeling of making a hazy, drunken phone call to an ex, facing the inevitable consequences of doing so, and doing it all again the next night.

VC Pines says that "Colours was written between myself, Ross MacDonald (The 1975) and

songwriter/producer Ed Thomas. It takes the piss out of drunken calls to your ex. The mid

section hits like a sudden wave of regret that you’d feel the morning after, until inevitably you get drunk again and your cares are thrown back out the window.”

"I also wanted the song itself to sound and move like a London night bus journey on the top deck. Certain elements come in and out like the characters you encounter. We wrote the song at Ed’s studio, and later me and Ross built on the production together. I loved each step of the process and letting the tune grow and grow until it explodes into the fast paced traffic that it is at the end.”

VC Pines is singer-songwriter Jack Mercer’s solo project and is set to release his debut LP, MRI, this upcoming September. He notes that “MRI encapsulates the shifts and the scoops that my brain goes through on a daily basis. It covers themes of neurology, love, jealousy, addictions, confusion, nurture, and most of all nostalgia.” His recent diagnosis of epilepsy drives the album, so we can expect his innate artistry and vulnerability to shine through.

We are all waiting in anticipation of his new music and hope you will get a chance to listen to his newest single, Colours, if you haven’t already.

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