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“Colorblind” - Mae Krell | Review

In true breakup song fashion, Mae Krell overanalyzes their own mistakes and contributions to the end of a relationship in “colorblind” — a solemn indie pop tune that was written, recorded, and produced over the course of quarantine alongside producer and instrumentalist Jakob Leventhal.

“Colorblind” is the quiet walk home after the bars all close. It’s when the sun starts to peek just over the horizon and everything turns to a light lilac shade, but all you want to do is get home and crawl into bed, never to get back up. That quiet heartbreak that’s been sitting in your chest all night while all your friends party the night away with you trying desperately to keep up, finally coming to the surface; that’s the feeling “colorblind” truly captures. From its sliding guitar to introspective melody, this song is guaranteed to get you in your feelings all night long.

Mae Krell is no stranger to Unheard Gems, and they once again bring their lyrical A-game, as always. So personal and honest without ever feeling overindulgent, these lyrics read as if you’re reading their journal to the world. Should I have written these lyrics, I’d feel as though I was standing naked in front of a sea of people. And for that, Krell is here to bare their heart and soul to the rest of us. Arguably the most heart wrenching lyric is “I didn’t practice my goodbyes/I didn’t think I had to.”

I want to highlight this again— “I didn’t practice my goodbyes/I didn’t think I had to.”

Absolutely cutting. Piercing. Tragic.

This combination of lyrical honesty and simple musical arrangement attains a level of intimacy between artist and listener that many strive for but few actually achieve— think “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star or “I Love You Too” by Peter McPoland, and maybe a little bit of Phoebe Bridgers in the mix as well.

So here’s some advice— throw this song on whatever sad time playlist you have. Draw the blinds. Turn off the lights. Light a candle. Lay on the floor. Feel this one as intensely as you can, because this song is for those who really, truly feel.

Mae Krell is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter chronicling their experience on Earth through song. Themes of self-love, coming to terms with the past, and living your truth span their discography. Krell began their music career as a photographer. Fast forward a few years, and they now have over one million streams on Spotify. Through art, they want to spread positive messages to communities that they are a part of and care deeply for, like the LGBTQIA+ community and Musicians On Call.

Written by Jess Ward

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