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"Closure" - Skylar Dayne |Review

Looking for your next favorite pop princess? Skylar Dayne will win over your heart with her newest single, “Closure.”

This 23 year old has something to say! With a punchy beat syncopated with a steady clap-like sound that blends all the sounds together, this song finds itself the many upbeat electronic/pop songs released this summer. However, there’s a catchiness in the chorus that will capture the audience differently than the others. There’s also a sort of candidness in her lyrics, specifically in the bridge when she says, “And I’m just tryna make it through in my relationships/Not bringing extra baggage from the past...I wanna love well/Just be myself/Believe that I’m in love in spite of somebody else,” that creates an undeniable connection to her audience. She has a sound – both vocally and instrumentally – that’s reminiscent of Chelsea Cutler, but she puts her own spin on the pop genre to separate her from her competition. She sings, “Lost love just won’t let me go,” and, I have to admit, I feel like this song won’t let me – and anyone else who listens to it – go after the first listen.

Hailing from a small island of Curacao, Dayne got her start on YouTube when she uploaded covers – some receiving 11 million views. She sang the national anthem at Dodger Stadium in 2013, but really got her break when she competed on the hit show The Voice. She moved to Texas for college, but then quickly rediscovered her passion for music, moving to Los Angeles after just one year of college. “Closure” is her debut single.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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