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“Closer” - Sam Wright | Review

I was craving something light and refreshing and Sam Wright delivered me just that.

You know how we crave a cool and refreshing drink in the summer heat to cut through the sweltering weather? Well, it might be because it is still 90+ degrees outside here, or because I feel overwhelmed with the dark grungier alt tracks, but “Closer” was just the break I needed.

This beachy surf rock track is a groovy, dreamy, indie vibe. Closer is about the oscillating nature of a sensual, yet detached relationship. Lyrically it juxtaposes tender, loving moments with cold, clashing ones. It's feeling like that's unsustainable yet equally seductive. "Hold me closer, Wear me down, Tell me softy, You’ll be around"

Musically, it's propelled by an upbeat, driving Tame Impala-style drum & bass dance combination, complemented by crisp TOPS-style guitar lines and ethereal Unknown Mortal Orchestra-style vocal harmonies. It feels very light and airy and allows for the vocals to float and resonate over the track.

It's the first single off the new Seasons EP, written during the better part of 2020, where Sam spent his days living in a remote cabin in upstate New York. It follows MIRRORS, his acclaimed EP from the previous year.

Sam Wright makes music at the intersection of lo-fi bedroom pop and contemporary surf-rock. His latest release, MIRRORS, evokes the lush, sunny viges of summers spent in Southern California.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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