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"Clinton" - Andie Mechanic | Review

Welcome to Clinton, an eerie and surreal state of mind where you’re confronted with all of your past mistakes.

In her newest song, “Clinton”, Andie Mechanic recalls a time in her life that “felt like a horror movie”, which is clear in the mood and construction of the song. Like at the beginning of a horror movie where everything seems normal at first, Andie masterfully lures in listeners with a soothing melody, creating a nostalgic dream-like atmosphere. Quickly though, gritty, glitchy sonics start interrupting, resulting in mystery and unease. The transformed haunting vocals fabricate a surprisingly cathartic experience. The song then builds to an intense bridge full of anguish where Andie belts out a list of her past failings, such as alluding to getting involved with the wrong people and pretending to be something she was not. The song eventually returns back to the original stripped-back melody, reflecting how Andie has healed and made peace with her past, and was able to “put her pieces back together”, bringing a satisfying ending. Sonically, this is one of the most interesting songs that I’ve heard in a while, and I would definitely recommend fans of artists like Holly Humberstone, Gracie Abrams, and Phoebe Bridgers to check out this song.

Andie Mechanic is still relatively new to the music scene. She is currently a senior at Berklee College of Music, specializing in songwriting. She has just 4 total songs on her Spotify page, but looks to be an emerging artist on the Boston music scene. By using various textures and cinematic qualities into her music, Andie tells a compelling story that engages listeners and showcases her boundless underlying raw talent, which we can’t wait to see develop more in the future.

Written by Laurel Ayuyao

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