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Class President - Makena | Review

Makena returned to the pop scene on Election Day with her new single “Class President”. This song is very attitude driven with bad-bitch energy.

We find out in the bridge of the song that Makena was formerly a high school class president with the perfect college resume but she dropped out of college to move to LA to pursue her dream career in music. Now she is hustling for a dream while watching former classmates check all the boxes of a “perfect life” that she would have been set up for. In the lyrics she reflects on her choices to not just have a normal life.

I like that the song starts very bare with Makena singing “I think I peaked in high school, top of my class” which immediately draws you in! Some lyrics that stick out to me are “Bottoms up here’s to wasting my potential / Get your shit together girl you know it’s time / I thought I learned my lesson / My head is all a mess, I failed this test, there’s no more questions / my plan A is all that I got”

This song is such an interesting concept because you think if you do everything by the book and follow the rules you’ll get what you want but it really never happens that way.

Written by Heather Kathryn

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