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Chopstix - Caroline Romano | Review

Following Caroline Romano’s album release ‘Oddities and Prodigies’ she has captured the attention of many people. Caroline has been releasing music for over five years and is sharing her newest single with the world on August 26th. “Chopstix” is a carefree, indie-pop track that carries a lot of emotion.

One of the catchiest songs I’ve heard this year, it keeps getting stuck in my head! Caroline states “‘Chopstix’ is kind of that beginning stage of infatuation and heartbreak but it’s also really just a happy song. It’s finding things to reminisce on once it’s all over, and falling for the smallest, most specific things about a person. I write a lot about the aftermath of songs like ‘Chopstix’ but this song is the prequel to the best and worst romance. It’s young and clean and feels like childhood summers combined with late-night dinners following a day full of swimming.”

This song just takes me back to memories I’m sure everyone has had. Sitting with someone I’m dating and noticing everything about them, the smallest, silliest things and holding onto them no matter what. In my brain they could do no wrong because that one night three years ago they taught me how to use or do (_____) in this case chopstix.

Lyrics that stick with me are “So teach me how to use chopstixs on a night like this, and I’ll watch you play guitar while you break my heart, isn’t this fun?” “Ice cream on the sidewalk, dripping from the small talk”

This song, although chill it’s very fun and I want to dance to it. Has a nice groove and it makes me feel happy overall even though it can be looked at as a bittersweet type of song. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Caroline.

Written by Heather Kathryn

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