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"Cheap Bottle of Red" - Eleven Point Two | Review

Need to hear this brotherly duo “to get me out of my head”

Originally from Grand Haven, Michigan these brothers set a path to LA embarking in their musical career journey. Their debut album was released 5 years ago and now the siblings are on the brink of releasing another great upcoming album. “Cheap Bottle of Red '' is a song that in the midst of me needing a song to escape found its way to me.

The piano melody captured a feeling that I couldn’t quite explain today. That guilty conscience one has or the bad days that creep up on you, this track allowed me to take a step into the reality of it all. The chorus felt easy and effortless but displays a vision that yearns heartache. It felt real and although that is an emotion most of us seek to escape, this duo took the chance to vulnerably show it. I feel as if this song embodied this long cold January we’ve been experiencing. I would recommend putting this on our Seasonal Depression playlist. The sensation of seeking warmth in a bottle to ease the cold thoughts that are brought up on is something that most would hesitate to say. Eleven Point Two truly put their walls down for this one.

Written by Joselyng

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