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"Chains" - DBMK |Review

Describing their music on Spotify as “Underdog Anthems for the New Generation,” DBMK never loses sight of this goal with “Chains.”

With a faster tempo than their other hits like “City,” DBMK’s latest single is an introspective tune with a contained sound that doesn’t overwhelm or underwhelm its listeners. The family-friendly song carries the spirit of pop-punk music with lyrics such as “they don’t see what I see / And they don't dream what I dream” that paints the singer as an outsider from the rest of the world.

At the same time, “Chains” doesn’t completely embody the angst that surrounds loneliness by mentioning there are “at least I’ve got a few friends and they don’t seem to sweat it.” DBMK’s newest single offers plenty of replay value for listeners who are craving a lighter sound that feels reminiscent of this nostalgic genre.

DBMK constantly push the boundaries of their eclectic alt-pop sound, crafting songs that explore the complex layers of the human experience — change, love, loss, joy, misery, triumph, disappointment — with compassion and curiosity. With support from their dedicated fanbase - the “KULT” - DBMK have quickly emerged as one of the most exciting alt-pop projects out there. They’ve sold out numerous shows in their home state of Florida and have managed their own DIY tours all across the country. Despite the touring limitations of 2020/2021, the now Nashville-based duo persevered and released a 6-track EP titled ‘Jump in the Dark.' The EP performed impressive streaming numbers, reaching new audiences and resonating with their longtime fanbase.

Review by Lauren Peterson

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