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“Cautious” - Jack Book x Jamison | Review

“Cautious” is a fun electro-pop song to bring us into those fun warm-weather jam sessions.

An emotionally charged and honest take on that fun electro song we know and love. Fantastic vocals from Jack Book are crisp over a track that dances with fun beats that make you love every listen.

Cautious describes the feeling you get around someone you really admire but can't tell if they feel the same. You try to come off as confident and cool when really you're constantly in your head about whether you're saying and/or doing the right things. The production in the verses leaves room for the honest lyrics to shine through while the chorus comes in bright and loud, just as your thoughts would.

Cautious is Jamison's debut co-release as an artist. Cautious was written by Jamison Fox and Bubele Booi. After sitting in her demo reel for a few months, Jamison played the song for Jack Book who fell in love with it immediately. Jack then took over production and was thrilled when Jamison asked if he would sing lead vocals as well.

Jack Book is a New York based producer and singer-songwriter. A former collegiate athlete, Jack began to pursue music professionally following a spinal injury in November of 2017. Much of Jack’s sound derives from folk rock, pop, indie, and EDM. The harmonic, rhythmic, and lyrical flavors stem from the works of James Taylor, Billy Joel, Jason Mraz, and Eric Church. His production techniques were originally inspired by artists Avicii, Martin Jensen, and Kygo. He has since evolved his sound to fit the more modern styles of artists like Mokita, Grey, Kwassa, and Dwilly.

In 2018, he released his debut single “Down & Under” as an independent single. As of May 2020, the record has amassed over 540K streams on Spotify. Jack is supported by multiple Grammy award nominees and industry professionals, namely James T. Slater (has written for Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Enrique Iglesias), Courtney Hard-Day (former executive at Sony Music Entertainment), Greg Glenday (Former CRO at Shazam Entertainment Ltd.).

A member of the rising +Plus Collective, which features artists such as Beauz, Miles Away, and Syence, Jack Book combines his unique vocal talent with studio-quality production to deliver a high-end product. He holds working relationships with a number of established artists including P.J. Pacifico and Valerie Broussard (of Kygo’s Palm Tree Records), Charlie Brennan, Heather Sommer, Baaku, Syence, Paperwings, and more.

Instagram: @jackbookmusic

Facebook: @jackbookmusic

Jamison is a pop songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Her style of songwriting combines authentic, emotional, and edgy lyrics. Her music is highly influenced by her love of contemporary pop music and artists from the 90s and early 2000s. She began playing trumpet at the age of 9 and writing songs during her early teenage years.

In 2016, Jamison shifted from being a solo artist to focus primarily on songwriting, working with both local and international artists, writers, and producers. In 2018, she released her first collaboration "Under Attack" with producer Steve Reece aka Midnght. In early 2019, she collaborated with producer Ruhde and vocalist/writer Sunnie Williams on “Stranger”. Shortly after, she co-wrote her first artist cut with CHAV "Kickin On The Floor” which was premiered by PAPER magazine. As of May 2020, Jamison’s song “Frontlines” with MKJ and Jessica Chertock (co-written with Jessica Chertock and Jesse Bluu) reached 1 million plays on Spotify.


Review by Hannah Schneider

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