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Cate Tomlinson Releases Anthemic Indie-Rock EP “Blueberry Season”

Cate Tomlinson’s “Blueberry Season” is an EP that journeys through introspection, heartbreak, loss, self discovery, and recovery.

Blueberry Season is a 5-song EP that dives deeper into the pop-rock landscape. The songs tell a series of stories from Cate’s late teens transitioning to her 20s. Vulnerability, heartache, anger, and self-reflection are the central themes that will resonate with listeners.

Opening with an electric guitar riff and sultry backing vocals, so cool so mean strikes up the listening session with an early 2000s pop rock essence. Lamenting about the tumultuous experience of a complicated new crush, this upbeat and danceable track provides an inner monologue that tows the line of tension and chemistry. Tomlinson effectively names multiple experiences and feelings that emerge with a new crush, immortalizing the pain and pleasure of this intense slew of emotion. Her alto vocals pair perfectly with the grunge-pop vibe that so cool so mean creates.

An immediate, but warranted vibe shift, pretty boy transports listeners through a haunting intro into a story of a pretty boy who thinks she’ll be there for him no matter what. pretty boy spotlights the debate of worthiness and commitment in a relationship. Giving voice to a deeply conflicting narrative of the want to trust that someone will live up to their word despite their continuous shortcomings, Tomlinson’s echoing and measured vocals compliment this heartbreaking ballad that strikes a chord with many.

Continuing down a melancholic pathway, twenty one highlights a different perspective of a relationship, which comes through the inevitable weight of growing pains. Not to be mistaken for immaturity, the youthful innocence paired with the vulnerability that Tomlinson paints creates a reflective picture of compromising oneself in pursuit of love. She perfectly captures what it feels like to grow through trial and error of affection and loss, her voice gently wraps the words in a hug with a passionate warmth.

Taking a turn into a guitar heavy rock ballad, Damage Control is an unguarded look into the protocol on how to save yourself from a detrimental spiral- and how to heal through the moments that feel impossible to live through. A relatable and painful comfortability, Tomlinson’s vocals soar through the deep feelings and complementary harmony points, escalating the heart of the track.

Finally, the title track, Blueberry Season, encompasses the themes of every song on the EP, marrying the pop-rock ballad vibe together with a bigger sound surrounding the main message: sometimes there is no way to avoid life’s difficult moments. Both a cautionary tale and a reflection on love turned sour, Blueberry Season is about a season of life that one day will mean something sweeter, but it cushions the present moment with a reminiscent drive with the windows down on a California afternoon sound. Tomlinson beautifully builds on the main theme with her powerful lyrics and sound.

Journeying through introspection, heartbreak, loss, self discovery, and recovery, Blueberry Season is an EP that will become a friend to all listeners during all seasons of their lives.

“I’m pumped that I thought of a song title like Blueberry Season cause it made a lot of sense to me to think about this EP as a chapter of my life. I have always written pretty specifically about my personal experiences, but I have never been prouder of a collection of songs than I am of Blueberry Season. People change so much between 19 and 22, and I feel lucky I had the time at this age to reflect on my experiences as a teenager and college kid- cause in ten years I know I’ll have a more evolved perspective and different things to say about this small section of life and beyond. I would say the main themes are introspection, heartbreak, loss, self discovery, and recovery.
I was extremely intentional about my lyrics. There is not a single line in the EP that I don’t feel confident about.
I started writing ‘twenty one’ back in May of 2022, and that ended up being the first song we finished on the project. I had a draft of ‘pretty boy’ sitting in my files for the last couple years that I always loved, and I got to revisit it and make it a way bigger than it was. I basically wrote all the songs that summer of 2022 in my family’s living room, which is partly why I associate the end of summer/California hills vibe with the whole EP.”

- Cate Tomlinson

Track List:

so cool so mean

pretty boy

twenty one

Damage Control

Blueberry Season

About Cate:

Cate Tomlinson is a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, and performing artist from Palo Alto, California. Her music draws from pop, soul, and rock. The young self-made artist is now based out of Boston and developed her unique voice as an artist at Northeastern University.

Cate is set to release her second EP in the summer of 2023. It is her first body of work with producers Fil Thorpe (Neck Deep, Worlds First Cinema) and John Sinclair (World’s First Cinema, Macklemore).

Cate spent her last summer writing and performing in the greater Los Angeles area, gracing the stage at Hotel Cafe, Breaking Sound, and indie festival NextFest LA. She has been praised by the likes of Rising Artists, Right Chord Music, Kings of A&R, Glasse Factory, Blurred Culture, and Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist.

From gut-wrenching ballads to alt-pop anthems, Cate shows her versatility as an artist and innovation as a songwriter.

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