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“Candles & Bubbles” - EZIA |Review

Ezia’s debut album “Cycles” is really going to be something to behold if this single is any indication. Hot off the coattails of artists like H.E.R. and Summer Walker, “Candles & Bubbles” takes the intimate space to the mainstream in a down-to-earth Neo Jazz and R&B fusion.

The resurgence of bringing the romantic part of the bedroom talk to the radio versus years of more graphic lyrics (albeit still good many times) but the vocals smooth talk you and you’re transported to that place. It’s got showy keys and cool simple rhythms given from the drums. Most importantly, Ezia can hit high notes and has a vocal solo towards the end that showcases her talent. She’s a gorgeous singer and sets a mood with the way she sounds and the things she’s saying.

“Between candles and bubbles, we can forget about our troubles” is a line anyone who has been in a relationship can relate to. Sometimes bubble baths are for self-care and sometimes they’re an opportunity to extend that to another person and let go of the world for a little bit. Ezia’s troubles will be minimal if her talent extends through the rest of her debut album like this.

By Amanda Collins

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