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“Can You Hear Me.” - Gen |Review

On May 26, alt-pop artist Gen released an emotional single titled, “Can You Hear Me.” This track focuses on the feeling of loneliness.

“Can You Hear Me” is a track that is simple instrumentally. It consists of acoustic guitar and Gen’s haunting vocals. However, Gen’s beautiful harmonies and “Can You Hear Me” pushed further in the back of the mix give that extra feeling of isolation. Those subtleties make the track powerful.

Gen’s authentic lyrics in “Can You Hear Me” gives a sense of belonging - even when you feel you don’t belong. Stand out lyrics, “Made it through another year / Can’t believe that I’m still here” is something that is relatable to many people. Gen states, “I really believe this song will connect with the right people, and hopefully, they’ll feel less alone and a bit more connected to the human experience we all go through.” Gen’s ability to be open with herself as an artist and to her listeners, makes her strong. It can be difficult to feel like you don’t belong when you feel alone. “Can You Hear Me” justifies the fact that you’re not alone.

Gen is a singer/songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. With discography starting in 2017, Gen has plenty of more music to share with her listeners. “Can You Hear Me” was her first release of 2023, with a sped up version being released on June 9th. I’m really excited to listen to Gen’s upcoming music and be a part of where her musical journey takes her.

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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