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“Can’t Get Worse” - Christina Cavazos |Review

“Can’t Get Worse” takes the listener on a heart-rending journey through Cavazos’ peaceful and emotive vocal tone. It is the second single off of an upcoming EP. She has crafted a saddening yet comforting tale that paints a picture about what it is like to lose someone; imagery incorporating thunder, storms, rain, and nightmares emphasize the sensation of sorrow the narrator feels. However, in these depths, the mantra “times are gonna get better ‘cause they can’t get worse”serves as a light at the end of the tunnel. The lyrics are truly haunting and a highlight of mine from the track, leaving a perfect amount of room for interpretation but still feel deeply personal. Cavazos expertly handles grief in this track, expressing the many difficulties of adjusting to life in the present as well as reflection of the past and the moments of peace in the process (“home is a quiet lover, a warm cover when it hurts”).

The main instrument in “Can’t Get Worse” is a plucky acoustic guitar which lays a subtle foundation for Cavazos’ voice. As the track goes on, the main melody is naturally the focal point, but harmonies gradually build, especially on the last chorus which is a nice touch to make each moment special. There are also slight echo-y elements creating additional texture which adds to the lyrical theme of haunted-ness, so not only does the listener hear Cavazos’ words, but also feels them.

Any fans of Gracie Abrams will most likely gravitate toward this track due to Cavazos’ soft, floaty vocals reminding me of her as well as her eloquent story-telling. Some of her inspirations include Fleetwood Mac which I especially hear; “Can’t Get Worse” especially reminds me of “Storms” which also explores themes like goodbyes, regret, and, of course, the titular element of storms.

Christina Cavazos’ “Can’t Get Worse” has a universal appeal in her controlled, simply beautiful vocal tone and through her insightful lyrics that all can relate to.

Written by Inari Gerhart

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Apr 30

Amazing review. The writer literally has taken me on a journey with written word only: I’ve never heard the song or the artist l, but i certainly will now!

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