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'call you a man" - Drew Hersch|Press Release

Drew Hersch releases single “call you a man”.

A stripped-back commentary on the world we live in, singer-songwriter Drew Hersch releases “call you a man”. Returning from a brief break from music, Hersch felt called to create a song to reflect on the cycles of racism, sexism, and ageism. While a heavy topic, the track creates an uplifting ambiance in contrast to the heart-wrenchingly honest lyrics. A chilled pop track, “Call You a Man” still makes a statement that demands to be heard. A generation that is ready to make a change and Hersch creates a song of allyship for these times.

About “Call You a Man”:

"While making my music, I often find myself fixating on vocal layers and violin crescendos, letting the lyrical meaning of a track come second to how it sounds. This one is different. “call you a man” is my way of standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. I wrote this song to collectively express the frustration that my generation feels when we’re told “that’s just the way the world works,” when in reality, this is simply a way to justify a lack of desire to step up and make a change. Evident through a solid month of Black Lives Matter protests throughout all 50 states, Generation Z has made it clear that we refuse to respond to injustice with complacency - we refuse to stay strapped into the passenger seat of a moving car that’s ultimately going nowhere. Jumping out of that moving car, although it would result in injury, may be a vital step toward standing in solidarity with those facing far worse than just a few tears in the skin. 100% of the revenue generated off this song in the next 5 months (August-December 2020) will be donated to various Black Lives Matter funds."

Drew Hersch is a 19-year-old alternative artist based in Orange County, California who strives to inspire through his lyrics, production style, and creative philosophy. Heavily inspired by artists like Billie Eilish, Rex Orange County, and Lana Del Rey, Drew has found a way to combine stylistic familiarity with unapologetic originality.

Hersch grew accustomed to the stage through ten years of theatre experience and cites this as one of the most significant inspirations for his sound. “Theatre is the sole explanation for my excessive use of violins, bass drums, and gospel choir plug-ins. I learned the fundamentals of music in a melodramatic setting where crazy vocal warm-ups and large emotional orchestral climaxes were the norms, so this has inevitably bled into the music I make today, and certainly a lot of what you’ll hear on the upcoming album.”

Although his sound may seem far from minimalistic at times, Drew is a minimalist at heart, and a firm believer that good music can be created anywhere. Earning over a quarter of a million streams from a discography solely produced in make-shift studios, Drew has proven that a high budget is not the golden ticket to success. “It doesn’t matter if I made it on Garageband with an old mic in a dorm room, or in my grandparents’ garage, or in an empty target parking lot at midnight. If people like the song, they like the song.”

Still a brand new artist, Drew’s style is constantly evolving as he is learning more and more about the ins and outs of recorded music.

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Press Release by Hannah Schneider on behalf of Unheard Gems

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