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"California" - Estella Dawn | Review

Heartbreak + summer hit = “California” by Estella Dawn. On July 7th, Estella Dawn will be releasing her charming new single, “California.” Although this track relates to the topic of heartbreak, it is the perfect summer tune.

“California” starts right off the bat with Dawn’s vocals and electric guitar. The clean guitar tone and Dawn’s rhythmic vocals reminds the listener of the feeling of listening to music at the beach. The catchy melody of the chorus will have you singing along by the end of the track. I think my favorite part of the whole track is the little laugh that is mixed with singing in the second pre-chorus.

Lyrically, “California” describes the journey to acceptance in a break-up and wishing the other person the best. With lyrics, “I hope you find everything you need / Out in California. The surf’s good, blue skies / Got someone who adores you,” Dawn isn’t bitter about the ending relationship. Dawn says, “California looks ahead with optimism and kindness - a refreshing take on heartbreak, with a dreamy sense of gratitude to the artwork, production, melody and softly spoken delivery.”

Estella Dawn is pop singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in New Zealand. However, she is currently living in the United States. She has many singles out now including, “Didn’t Occur To You,” “Steal Your Girl,” and “Just Me.” I believe Dawn’s fearless attitude in her writing, as well as her strong vocals will help her music career go a long way.

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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