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"Byron" - Ylissa | Review

Sometimes you just need a beautiful singer songwriter ballad.

Ylissa brings listeners a dreamy and anthemic pop track. Empowering and uplifting, her voice is powerful and breath-taking. An empowering call to arms for moving on from heartbreak and betrayal, learning to heal and forgive yourself. Soaring Kate Bush melodies over Jack Antonoff drums and synths this explosive and visceral alt pop ballad is reminiscent of SIA or 1989 era- Taylor Swift with added edge.

Dreamy powerful adult pop. Ylissa is a story-teller rarely found in commercial music today. A dreamcatcher, heart breaker, wanderluster, survivor. Some call it dreamy power pop reminiscent of Sia, Vera Blue and 1989 era Taylor Swift, or the soaring melodies of Kate Bush and Tori Amos. Some hear the quirk and sass from Haim or the unashamed sensuality from the likes of Banks or Jessie Ware.

She is brutal, she is raw, she is fearless.

Her first single in 6 years is Byron, a love note to Australia where she once lived. A song about redemption, forgiveness and healing.

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