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"Buzzcut" - Estella Dawn|Review

In her second release of the year, Estella Dawn’s newest single, “Buzzcut,” is a stellar song to listen to! From her mesmerizing vocals to her powerful lyrics to her perfect accompanying soundtrack, “Buzzcut” is a fun song.

“I think as a women, we tend to [change ourselves to mirror our new partner] more than men - we are conditioned to believe we have to shrink, re-adjust and mold ourselves to satiate the male gaze. There are so many products telling us how we should look, feel and smell, and countless more movies and shows telling us how we should act and behave. In our quest to find this perfect partner I think we can often end up compromising a lot of what makes us unique and special,” Dawn says regarding the song. “I wanted to flip that narrative on its head with “Buzzcut.” This song is about holding your shape when embarking on a new relationship, an encouragement to “stay true to your own authentic flare.” To have someone be so enthralled with you that they would adjust themselves to better suit what they thought you wanted.”

“Buzzcut” opens with a siren-like call from Dawn’s rich vocals and a fun easy beat that picks up as the song progresses. The combination of the pop soundtrack and Dawn’s gorgeous voice captivated my attention. I loved the complexity of Dawn’s singing style. The style changes added texture to the song. I was in awe of her beautiful, sultry voice and the many styles she nailed from slower, more sensual singing with sighs to a much faster beat.

Dawn’s vocals and the soundtrack were all-encompassing. I could barely pay attention to the lyrics because I was so mesmerized by the perfect balance of vocals and soundtrack.

The easy-going, pop-y nature of the song made me want to dance to it. It felt like the perfect feel-good and sexy song, matching Dawn’s message. Dawn beautifully tells her listeners to feel confident in themselves, not changing for any partner, in the most uplifting way.

One line that stood out to me was: “I’m sparkling like a glacier. Can you match that energy?” I loved the beautiful imagery of nature while also encapsulating the unique, vibrant energy. The following question makes it clear that Dawn isn’t standing or dampening her vibrancy for any romantic partner: they either need to be happy with it and join her or they’re not the partner for her. Throughout her lyrics, Dawn makes that point clear, sending her message home.

Another line that I loved was: “You better know that you’re lucky.” Once again perfectly in line with her message, Dawn emphasizes how incredible she and other women are. They should all be appreciated and loved as they are since they are wonderful people. Women shouldn’t have to adapt for a man or be seen as property or a trophy wife; they are people too and deserve to be treated as equals.

Dawn is perfect for fans of Sabrina Claudio, Kiana Lede, and Dua Lipa.

Estella Dawn is a New Zealand-born and US-based singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Her songs focus on empowerment and confidence. Dawn began releasing music in 2018 with her first single, “Feet.” Since then, Dawn’s song “I Dare You” was featured on the Radio Top 40 chart as well as multiple songs on top Spotify playlists. Dawn has released 17 singles since 2020, with 14 new tracks being released in 2022. “Buzzcut” along with many of the tracks from her 2022 releases will be present in her debut album released later this year. Keep an eye out for all of Dawn’s newest music!

Written by Anne Friedman

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