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“Burn Our Bridges Down” - RIELL | Review

Burn Our Bridges Down is the beginning of a new sound for Canadian singer,

songwriter, vocal producer RIELL. This song was less “dance-y” and more “I want to

scream it from the rooftops”.

This is the kind of track you listen to in a dark room with your eyes closed all while concentrating on the lyrics. The lyrics are poetic and sharp. It

paints the picture of her toxic past relationship so clearly. She tells a story through her

lyrics. This track is about a girl who is finally done with her on-again off-again ex. Wanting to burn this relationship to the ground. It’s giving girlboss.

“I wrote a 5 song EP about a breakup called WINTER, and I heard through the

grapevine that the person I wrote it about listened to it, guessed it was about him,

and said he didn’t like it,” RIELL explains. “This got back to me and I wrote one

last song about him which is ‘Burn Our Bridges Down’. It marks the transition track

from my last EP to this new album and the beginning of my villain era.”

After listening to this track on repeat, RIELLs vocals are what stuck out to me

most. There is no question as to why she is a top 40 charting artist. This track is not

only catchy, but it is empowering, emotional, and relatable. The gradual crescendo adds

the power of this song. You can feel her angst with every note she sings. Her voice is so

rich, you can get lost in it.

RIELL is an internationally touring artist who has over 15 million streams on

spotify. She has a knack for writing captivating songs with producers such as Egzod,

Besomorph, and Unknown Brain. RIELL is releasing her debut album called HYMNS

FOR THE BITTER set to be released in 2023.

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