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"Brother" - The King's Parade | Review

Melding together the signature sounds of every subgenre of rock, from indie rock to soulful blues, The King’s Parade creates a polyphonic soundscape filled to the brim with charm, groove, and even a little bit of whimsy. “Brother,” the third single off their upcoming and highly-anticipated debut album, highlights the best of the best of rock music.

The song opens with a sleek guitar riff, then launches into the chorus immediately, with frontman Olly Corpe’s gritty vocals adding an edge to the song’s otherwise clean, lustrous production. His voice is reminiscent of The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, mixed with a hint of KALEO’s Jökull Júliíusson-- fervent, honest, and natural. Throughout the verses, the vocals are accompanied with a bouncing bass and some ringing, atmospheric keys, delivering that trademark lamentful sound of the blues. Almost three minutes into the song, there’s a break where everything hushes and slows for just a moment, building up the tension for the final chorus. Its payoff is ever so satisfying, as Corpe belts out lyrical motifs over the hook once more before the song comes to a close, ending just how it started.

Though the track’s groove is smooth as silk, its lyrical content is actually rather sad. “‘Brother’ is a track about feeling left behind,” writes Corpe. “The sudden disappearance of someone you hold close to your heart can leave an emptiness that feels impossible to fill. The song is an expression of that void.” With lyrics like “I remember when you said it was best for you to take some time out, I guess I know now,” that are filled with such raw, honest emotion, “Brother” is a sentimental journey- but one that’s also filled with personality, character, and life.

The King’s Parade is a four-piece band from London, bringing you music that defies genre as we know it, but still finds itself feeling familiar, warm, and most of all, full of life. They’ve released four EPs and toured across Europe several times, earning them millions of streams across all virtual platforms. The band has also received critical acclaim from a myriad of noteworthy press, like BBC 6Music, Clash, and Earmilk. Now working with well known producers such as Guy Massey, known for his work with Ed Sheeran, The Libertines, and Jack Savoretti, The King’s Parade’s long-awaited debut album is set to release in December of 2020.

Written by Jess Ward

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