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“Breathe” - Shaun Mbah | Review

Shaun Mbah is continuing to expand his discography with his newest track “Breathe.” The first few seconds start with guitar chords that prepare you for a moody track, but you’re soon met with a jersey club inspired beat that’s bound to make you bounce. The beat grabs your attention, but it’s the track’s message and lyrics that truly captives you. “Breathe” is a track that speaks to finally ending a relationship, romantic or platonic, that has begun to feel suffocating. Shaun expresses his want to want to do better and consistently trying but to no avail things must end.

This genre-bending track manages to do what sometimes feels impossible; having a good-time all while also being in your feelings. I recommend throwing this song on a playlist with other afrobeat artists and jersey club DJs for upcoming summer night drives with a few friends.

Shaun is a singer, rapper, songwriter, sound engineer and producer that is always breaking genre rules. Starting in 2015, I’m excited to see how Shaun will continue to grow and shine in his music journey. Give “Breathe” a listen and be sure to keep up with Shaun on his socials.

Written by: Gabrielle France

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