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“Breakup On The Weekend” - Sophie Powers |Review

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Nobody likes breaking up with their partner, but Sophie Powers’ new song “Breakup On The Weekend” might make things a little easier for you to handle if you have to go through it.

“Breakup On The Weekend” is a fun, upbeat, pop-punk tune about, well, breaking up on the weekend- and it might just make you want to dump your significant other with how catchy it is.

Seventeen year old Sophie Powers is the genius behind this track. “Breakup On The Weekend” came out on May 20, 2022 along with Powers’ EP “ Red In Revenge”. At just seventeen Powers’ is already pulling in 2.5 million streams in a year and has over 200k listeners a month.

“He’s like ‘Love you forever’/I’m like ‘Sure whatever’” perfectly encapsulates the nonchalant attitude Powers has for this song. Powers is okay with losing their partner and with breaking up on the weekend, even if their partner is still attached to them. This carefree attitude is part of what makes this song punk.

I love this song because it makes me feel nostalgic. The catchy lyrics, the black and pink outfit Powers’ is wearing, it all reminds me of my childhood listening to and watching Avril Lavigne. I think kids and adults alike are going to relate to and like Powers’ style. Although we don’t suggest breaking up with your partner this weekend, we do suggest making them listen to “Breakup On The Weekend” just so they can get it stuck in their head too.

Review Done By Casper Barbour

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