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“Breaking Glass Ceilings” - Paytra |Review

Paytra’s upcoming hard-core single, “Breaking Glass Ceilings” is the ultimate “bad bitch” anthem. To be released on July 21, “Breaking Glass Ceilings” is the embodiment of self-confidence and strength.

This track radiates self-respect from top to bottom. From the stank face / head banging rock heavy beat to Paytra’s lyrics including, “I love to be an underdog / Only lady in a room full of men,” Paytra is implying to her listener that she can do anything, especially as a woman. Taken from her biography on her Spotify page, “She speaks from her own experiences of moving from suburban Detroit to NYC by herself at the age 16, where she learned to navigate the gauntlet of a male-dominated music industry.” Paytra also adds the lyric, “The future is female” in the bridge. I think it’s inspiring that Paytra is an advocate for women empowerment.

Paytra is an alt+pop+hip hop artist living in NYC. With 43K listeners on Spotify with many appearances on user-generated playlists and curator-generated playlists on Spotify, Paytra is a force to be reckoned with. Alongside “Breaking Glass Ceilings,” Paytra has other singles out now titled, “Motherfuckin’ Misfit American Anthem,” and “You Got The Sauce.”

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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