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"Brand New" - TARYN | Review

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter TARYN shares her new single, “Brand New." Opening with echoing finger clicks, TARYN begins the song with a simple chant that continues over the course of the track: “Wash my mouth of all the little things / Clean it out and begin again / Brand new ooh / And begin again brand new.” Even as the interlocking drums, bass and guitar kick in, her ethereal vocals remain the song’s driving force, building throughout with lush, layered harmonies.

TARYN wrote “Brand New” while driving on the freeway and worked with producer Joey Burcham to turn it into a fully-formed track. “There was a simple message I wanted to convey lyrically and the instrumental did the rest,” TARYN explains of her approach. “I’ve carried my past around and let regrets fuel decisions without justification. ‘Brand New’ let me realize our past is not something we have to correct, but it helps us understand our growth. We’re here to learn, experience, and explore. It’s a gift to be vulnerable, to feel comfortable expressing experiences in sonically harmonious ways”

TARYN is a singer-songwriter based in Atlanta, GA. Influenced by old soul and modern pop, TARYN seamlessly blends warm vocals with tasteful, cutting edge production. Lyrically, she searches for the connections that make each and every one of us human, exploring these areas with curiosity and understanding.

Originally hailing from Ohio, TARYN’s childhood was soundtracked by artists spanning all genres and decades. Her parents filled the house with the sounds of artistic greats like Norah Jones, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, and Cat Stevens. From a young age, TARYN was encouraged to explore her creativity and fell in love with guitar, her first instrument, when she was just six years old. After years of honing her sound and songwriting, the now 23-year-old Atlanta-based artist is coming into her own as an impressive left-of-center singer and songwriter.

With “Brand New”, Taryn has the audience nostalgic for the summer even as we’re still in season. It refreshes the listeners ambitions at the beginning of summer, filled with promise and presses you back into that mindset. It’s the repetition of the lyrics that makes sure the message sticks and that you’re paying attention. She’s speaking directly to you; quiet and simple at first and powerful and anthemic nearing the end. It’s the song you’ll be singing with your windows down, daydreaming of all of the ways these lyrics can be applied to your life. Nailing her efforts to get the audience involved, As the song grows more excited, so will you.

Review by Amanda Collins

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