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"Boy Tears" - Tanja Jeramaz | Review

Sometimes we just need that electro bubble gum pop type of song to get over someone.

"Boy Tears" by Tanja Jeramaz is a blunt yet pop-y single that is all for girl code and moving on. The track is incredibly witty and to the point. Tanja has such a fun youthful quality to her vocals and lyrical style. The single is an ode to every girl who has ever had to stand up for herself, a friend, or a stranger who has had to deal with boy drama.

"Boy Tears" came to fruition after Tanja found out her college boyfriend also had a secret girlfriend back home. After ending things with him, he continued seeing his hometown girlfriend until she found out about his relationship with Tanja. Soon after, his now ex girlfriend started dating his best friend. The song alludes to the "girl code" and is a feminist anthem to unite the ladies. Instead of pitting the two girls against each other in a tug of war for this boy, Tanja and the girlfriend both left him in a pool of his own boy tears. "Boy Tears" is a song with a satirical twist. Tanja urges the boys to cry for her only so she can metaphorically collect their tears and add it to the jar of all the other boy tears she has collected, the tears of the boys who have screwed her over yet came back for more, because lets be honest, they always come back.

Originally from the Napa Valley, pop singer-songwriter Tanja Jeramaz moved to Los Angeles to pursue music. She was trained in the style of broadway musical theater, but her passion was always the pop genre. Songwriting is Tanja’s version of therapy, and she uses it to make sense of the world around her. She writes in the style of pop with an edgy feminist twist, and her goal is to make empowering music that people can relate to.

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