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"box fan" - Rupe |Review

Jangly, uplifting, and summery, “Box Fan” by Rupe is the indie rock tune that comforts and understands those who would rather stay inside than go out and party. Appropriately released the day after the world’s largest party, it serves as Rupe’s third single, and was written, recorded, and produced all completely independently in one big DIY music project.

“Box Fan” is a breath of fresh air in many ways. It feels like opening the window on the first warm day after a long, dark winter, letting the breeze air out a sun-soaked room. It’s a fresh lemonade, it’s a pink summer sunset, it’s all the small joys in life that make you look around and realize you’re happy right where you are. As an introvert myself, I find solace in these quieter, simpler moments, and Rupe captures that solace perfectly.

It has a dreamy quality that’s reminiscent of acts like Day Wave and Vacations, walking the fine line between indie rock and bedroom pop— both influences are noticeably present, yet one could make a strong case for either genre. The listener is initially introduced to a jangly electric guitar, leaning into indie rock territory, but the drum kit and ethereal, echoing vocalizations launch the song into the bedroom pop sphere. Its production is clean and sleek, and has just the right amount of edge to rough it out and give it that DIY alternative punch. All in all, it’s a song that tells you you can be the life of your own party, and even encourages you to do so.

Rupe is the pseudonym for Rupert Lange, a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Louisiana who does it all— through every step of the music making process, Rupe is entirely hands-on, mastering the craft in all its facets. His journey began when his grandfather gave him his old guitar on the condition that he learn to play. By 17, Lange was writing and playing in local groups, keeping his promise to his grandfather. The story continues today, as Rupe is the first project of his to be working completely independently.

Written by Jess Ward

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