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‘Bounce’ - Blush FM | Review

Meet your newest alt-pop addiction, Blush FM. Alluring, powerful vocals swirl above a brooding soundscape in the new Blush FM single, "Bounce." The New York-based artist is a stunner through and through, nurturing a space without borders. Blush FM has carved herself a niche of pop-adjacent music that's unconfined and limitless

Enticing synths pulse in the background and a dark energy entices you in the instantly memorable, "Bounce." It's easy to fall in love with lead singer Andromeda Hewson's rich vocals and evocative lyrics, written about the crossroads we face and the steps that follow.

On the song she says, "'Bounce' was inspired by the idea of resilience - from the initial impact of something happening down to the components that make it actually feel possible to move forward. For me getting over something depends heavily on who I'm around, what kind of conversations we're having, and what I'm investing my time in after. 'Bounce' was a larger realization that adversity is consistent, and my time is better invested in being good to the people around me as well as myself."

"Dark like Led Zeppelin and brooding like Radiohead, subtle like The xx and intimate like Lorde or James Blake: A rush of raw, haunting warmth envelops the senses as the dreamy 'Move' fills the space with a cinematic, hushed beauty." - Atwood Magazine

"Bounce" follows the release of hitting singles "Move" and "Glistening" a riveting introduction to the forthcoming Project A EP, due out October 18!

The Project A EP is an account of internal conflicts experienced when in the face of adversity. The EP grapples with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being resilient, and draws inspiration from feelings of being stuck in time, surges of elation during personal growth, and the insecurities we feel when venturing into unknown spaces.

Not quite new to the scene, Blush FM was previously Midas who had opening slots for notable artists Bob Moses and Porches. You can catch Blush FM this fall at C'mon Everybody on 11/1. Are you interested in coming to the show?

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