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Blue to Purple - Chris Waters | Review

A relationship between two loves should be easygoing and filled with joy. Chris Waters captures a different side of true love—unconditional support.

When two people are both in a dark place, they help each other as much as possible to escape it. That is what Blue to Purple is all about. This electrifying pop song with gospel-like back vocals takes you on a journey of finding the light. Waters’ voice is mellow and deep in the beginning signifying all the struggles they’ve been through together. In the lyric, “Hopping off that vicious circle, now we out here leaping hurdles,” he jumps octaves leading to the climax of the song when they both go from “Blue to Purple.” The singer describes the colors as different seasons, “I guess you could think of blue as being the dark winter, and purple as being a brighter spring.” Waters’ feel-good dance record influenced by artists like Coldplay, Eminem, Twenty-One Pilots, and others, belongs in the club. From the catchy lyrics to the immersive electro sound, Blue to Purple has the potential to be an opener for Lollapalooza or Coachella.

Chris Waters is a motivated artist from Milwaukee, WI, who shows no signs of stopping. His debut EP named “Rise” released in June 2018, painted him as an electro-pop artist, but since then he’s been experimenting and exploring more genres such as rap, hip-hop, and other elements of electronic music. Waters describes himself as a singer, songwriter, rapper, and DJ, but he’s also received attention for his acoustic covers that have amassed over a quarter million views on YouTube. His singing career started in 2016 and it’s only going to get bigger, “It's been a long journey, but my love of music is only growing as I get older.... so I plan on being around for a while and I see no end in sight." Waters currently has nearly six thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and growing.

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