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"Blind To You" - Alessandra Boldrini | Review

When I was 18, I was dating a bad boy. I was completely wrapped up in him. Every part of me was laser focused on him and what he needed from me. If he’d asked for my kidney I would have reached in and pulled it out immediately. My entire identity was changed through the lens of that relationship.

On the other side of it, finally catching my breath, I realized I didn’t remember who I was. I’d lost myself completely in this dysfunctional relationship. Later when he was doing a stint in jail, I found out he’d been dating two other girls at the same time as me. All that obsessive giving to the relationship suddenly meant absolutely nothing.

And I was furious.

From then on, I decided I would never lose myself in the whirlwind of a relationship. Everyone has that one ex that seemed to take everything you had to give and then more. But in Alessandra Boldrini’s powerful self-love anthem ‘Blind to You,’ we get our battle cry.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you don’t keep working on yourself and growing as a person. It doesn’t mean molding yourself to perfectly fit the other person. It’s about two universes colliding in a beautiful explosion and seeing what the fallout is. That is the message of ‘Blind to You.’

Speaking about the song, Boldrini said, “‘Blind to You’ is about the importance of self-love and independence when being in a romantic relationship. It’s about setting expectations and letting others respect you!”

Boldrini embodies this, saying she wants “to be madly in love and give [her] best to have a successful career.” In the song, she embraces this message with a tapestry of perfectly-worded lyrics, set to a catchy, up-beat electronic melody. At first, it sounds like your typical love song but the transition into the chorus that acts as a creed for everyone in a relationship.

“It’s okay as soon as I keep loving myself too.”

Above all, ‘Blind to You’ teaches us that even with the intensity of a romantic relationship, it’s okay to take time for yourself, set your boundaries, and refuse to lose who you are for another person. It’s my new, personal hype song and you’ll definitely feel emboldened to demand what you need, rather than simply giving away everything to someone else.

Review by Kasey Van Dyke

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