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"Blame" - nodisco. ft John Splithoff |Review

nodisco.’s latest single, “Blame” featuring John Splithoff, was released on May 25, 2023. The track is the perfect mix of an upbeat and head-bobbing instrumental with lyrics of fresh heartbreak.

The track begins and remains consistent throughout the whole song with an effective r&b and indie-pop blended groove. nodisco. reflects on the feeling of heartbreak with the lyrics, “Yeah, we’ve always seemed to be / Worlds apart and incomplete.” nodisco.’s ability to produce vulnerable lyrics and include a prominent bassline sets the track apart from others.

nodisco. features guitarist John Splithoff on “Blame.” Splithoff plays a satisfying guitar solo and guitar licks over nodisco.’s vocals in the last chorus of the song. The collaboration of nodisco. and Splithoff must’ve been easy and enjoyable, as “Blame” sounds like it was created with a lot of love and effort.

Based out of Toronto, Canada, Chris Toufexis under the alias, nodisco., has been releasing music since 2019. His first full length project titled, Who Knew I’d Write Songs About You? was released in May 2021. Popular tracks of nodisco. can be found under that project titled, “Thoughts From Your Car” and “Moonlight in my Bedroom.” “Blame” will be a part of an upcoming project titled, A Long Walk at Taylors.

Currently, nodisco. has 79k monthly listeners on Spotify and can be discovered on dozens of playlists. After listening to “Blame”, I expect nodisco.’s monthly listeners and playlist additions to grow even more. I also can’t wait to hear A Long Walk at Taylors when completed.

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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