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“Big Energy” - Kali Wilde | Review

Look no further for your next chill summer pop song upon listening to Big Energy by Kali Wilde.

Wilde takes out the perception of Big Energy (as the popular BDE phrase) and turns it into a different concept involving empowerment and fearlessness. Her vocals float over a simple beat that pulsates like a wave, invoking images of the ocean and sunlight. The energy of this single reminds me of Kehlani injected with more of a pop feel. Big Energy is a song that inspires confidence and freedom; a time for rejuvenation and self-reflection, which commonly aligns itself with summer months.

For fans curious, this is what the artist herself says about this song: “Have you ever had one of those days that the sun is out, your hair looks good, and you just can't explain it but you're finally feeling GOOD?! Oh wait, you can explain it... you finally got the strength to walk away from that toxic relationship that was holding you back, and you know it. You know now that you will no longer weaken yourself just so that someone else can feel stronger. You know now that you will no longer hold yourself back in life just so it doesn't trigger someone else's insecurities. You know now that you no longer have to feel bad about who you are just because someone else is jealous. You feel beautiful and free and there's this energy inside of you that wasn't there before. It's an energy that is BIG and BOLD and you're not afraid to let the world see it. That's what this song is about. That Big Energy that can be in all of us if we get the strength to stop following our fears, and start following our hearts.”

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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