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Better Now- David J x Rosebud

The beginning of Better Now by David J and Rosebud feels like opening your windows to a summer morning in the nature: birds chirping, wind blowing, and the smell of fresh air.

This is a song that needs to be fully experienced on a long drive with the windows down, hair flowing, with the music blasting. The music sounds like something off Dua Lipa’s tracks, yet the voice reminds me of Troye Sivan. A mellow sound meshed with echoes, Better Now is mesmerizing from start to finish. Both David J and Rosebud clash together beautifully with their soothing vocals. With a catchy, upbeat sound, Better Now will keep your foot tapping. It feels impossible to not break into a dance. The story behind this track is self-empowering, showing that you should better yourself for you and not anyone else. This is why the music is so freeing. Ending the same way Better Now started, the sweet sound of birds feels like a happy closure.

David J, a 21-year-old singer/songwriter, producer, and musician, based in Los Angeles and New York is a passionate, self-driven, and motivated singer who dived into the world of music at an early age. His inspiration came from Mariah Carey’s “Without You” and since then he’s been focused on his musical projects. David J has previously worked with Shawn Mendes’ bassist for his single “PROM KING” and continues to create music. His Spotify biography simply says, “currently writing” so we can expect more great tracks to come.

Written by, Lia Tsvetanova

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