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“Best Friend” - Kristine Hummerfelt | Review

Kristine Hummerfelt’s “Best Friend” is an empowering pop anthem about independence and self love. Her sound is radiant - listening to this song makes me want to be her best friend.

The powerful beat oozes confidence before Kristine brings in her unique, clear vocals. Her sheer vocal strength and range reminds me of Jessie J as she hits stunning high notes and holds her own against the production. The chorus and melody are extremely catchy - you’ll catch yourself trying to keep up with her skill level and sing along.

In a world where our insecurities are magnified through social media, Kristine sings, “Just love yourself cuz you aint got no time to doubt yourself...gotta be your own best friend.” Her message is as beautiful and uplifting as the song itself.

Kristine Humerfelt is a Norwegian R&B, soul artist who found inspiration in gospel singing while growing up. At a young age she sang in church choirs, while also idolizing big artists from the Spice Girls to Christina Aguilera. That’s when she knew she wanted to pursue music. Now, Kristine has made performances as a session singer on “Norwegian Idol,” “The Voice,” and “Norway’s Got Talent.” “Bestfriend” follows her 2020 debut single “Break All the Rules.”

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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