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“Best Believe” – UNBLOOM | Review

Get ready for spring time, driving with the sunroof open, sunglasses, sunny days and more with “Best Believe”. Jonathan Zarola – now known as the electronic artist UNBLOOM – delivers listeners with a warm weather dance song. The vocals on the track are by the alt-pop artist Connor Morand and the way he hits his falsetto is beautiful in this song. The song is incredibly catchy and the hook is going to be stuck in your head all day, I promise.

UNBLOOM hit the ground running in 2018. He celebrated the releases of three incredible singles which cemented his place in the music industry. Originally being his own leading vocals, Zarola takes a step back to share the vocal spotlight with Morand.

“What Zarola does so well with the UNBLOOM project is add subtlety and nuance to the accessible; to layer and adjust textures that encourage multiple listens. The fact that ‘Best Believe’ has one of the catchiest hooks of 2019 doesn’t hurt either. Perhaps his ability to create songs with emotional weight and danceable energy is one of the reasons why EARMILK hailed him as an “electronic prodigy,” and why he continues to push the boundaries of what the UNBLOOM project could be.”


Review by Hannah Schneider

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