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“Bedsheets” - Olivia Lunny | Review

“Bedsheets” will tug on your heartstrings and will be the perfect spring night chill song.

I can just imagine listening to this song and looking at the stars and thinking, that’s where I feel this. Just thinking about the person you used to be in love with and how it feels when it is time to move on. Olivia's newest song "Bedsheets" is about longing for connection and the tough but necessary decision to let something go. Olivia’s vocals are so beautifully pure and the laid back nature of the song is perfect for allowing the raw emotion to set in on the listener.

With a voice as eclectic and elegant as her personality, Olivia Lunny is well on her way to becoming the next breakthrough Canadian artist/songwriter.

Olivia’s been preparing for this moment since she released her self-titled EP in early 2018 that garnered her a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for “Pop Artist of the Year”. That success, in turn, led to her appearance on season two of CTV’s The Launch, resulting in her winning and recording the top 40 single “I Got You” that has racked up over a million streams across platforms. In the wake of that milestone, Olivia went on to perform as opening support for the legendary Lionel Richie. Although she began her musical journey playing folk songs, this new era leads her to continuously explore indie-pop and writing post-breakout ballads we can all bop our heads too.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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