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"be someone to never lose" - Timmies

Timmies returns with their new song "be someone to never lose" as the first track off of their EP 'missing angel'

Continuing to create beautiful lo-fi love songs, this single is a warm airy track carried by acoustic guitar. The most iconic part of any Timmies song, the vocals, this artist just has a perfect floatiness to their vocals. Very airy and light, this track is so lovely to just sit back and let wash over you. Take a moment and feel the magic.

Timmies is an incredibly mysterious group, their identity mirrors that of their vocals, enchanting and mysterious. This EP is part of a collaboration with artist Mishaal who is one of Saudi Arabia's most promising musicians. This collaborative EP makes you want more and is the perfect way to reset and decompress.

The question still stands, who is Timmies

Review by Hannah Schneider

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