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"Be Quiet" –Real Cool |Review

Love “i’m so tired” by Troye Sivan and Lauv? Then Be Quiet by REAL COOL l is going to be your next favorite song. The pulsing beat weaved through drums and glossy vocals create a reverberating, energetic sound, perfect for a sunset drive. On a more emotional level, Be Quiet perfectly captures the moment when a relationship is falling apart.

According to REAL COOL, “It’s about the last words that you say to try and save everything, when you can’t believe it’s actually really happening. When it’s not what you want or what you ever imagined it’s really hard to take, and that moment is really what this song is about.”

This group is one to watch after listening to Be Quiet, a song that sets the stage for even more great music for Real Cool.

In 2016 brothers Thomas Pledger-Barton and Jacob Barton started the pop duo REAL COOL.

“Their sound captures the feel of ‘80s and ‘90s radio pop and is delivered with a contemporary feel. Their music is crafted around soft synths, delicate piano lines, intricate grooves and nostalgic lyricism. As a product of both heartbreak and happiness, the duo pride themselves on producing sad songs that you can dance to, and strive to tap into the emotions of their audience. Hailing from a small town on the edge of Birmingham, UK. REAL COOL released their debut EP ‘WAYBACK!’ in 2017, which has now achieved over 250,000 streams online. During the summer of 2018 REAL COOL have started recording a new EP for release in the summer of 2019. ‘Wet Hair Weekends’, the first single, is available now. In early 2019 the duo will release second single from the EP ‘Be Quiet’.”

Review by Tatum Jenkins and Hannah Schneider

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