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"Be Back Soon" - Jodie Nicholson |Review

"Be Back Soon" is the new melancholic track from Jodie Nicholson.

There is something haunting yet comforting about Nicholson's vocals and story through this song.

"Inspired by leaving Leeds after graduating uni, Be Back Soon is about reflecting on a life you’ll never get back or re-live in the same way. The aftermath of leaving a city, friends, a life behind where you felt sure of who you were” explains Jodie.

“Sonically, this EP feels like the most ‘me’ music I’ve ever created. It combines the magic, conviction and confidence of ‘Move’ while bringing forward the honesty and vulnerability I explored in my previous work.”

The single has this innate vulnerability of growing up but also having the sentimentality of returning home. The track acts as a sort of bookend to her life at uni and the strangeness of returning home. It explores what it means to feel alone in a familiar world, cradling vulnerability and loss with pensive lyrics, aching keys, mellow electronics and atmospherics from every-day, solitary moments.

Inspired by her dad’s love of prog rock, songs that place you in the moment and artists who change sonically with each album, Jodie Nicholson seeks to challenge her singer-songwriter core of delicate melodies and soft instrumentation. Her ethereal vocals remain constant over a diverse, explorative ground, subtly blurring the lines of genre expectations with melancholic soundscapes of indie, electro and folk-pop.

Musical influences including Daughter, Warpaint, Lucy Rose, Bombay Bicycle Club, Pink Floyd and Laura Marling underpin Jodie’s signature rich harmonies, warm textures and heartfelt lyrics.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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