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Bay Ledges takes on The Quartyard in San Diego, CA - Photo Gallery

Oh Bummer! consists of LA-based artist, Tanner Houghton, whose music I can describe as peering into someone with ADHD overthinking thoughts in music form. If you like Hobo Johnson, You’d love Oh Bummer! As the opener, Tanner’s stage presence was very different from most openers I’ve seen play, interacting with the crowd a lot more and throwing in some jokes between songs. “The Right Thing” is a summer essential and a new fav on my list, “Going Out of My Mind” also follows this if you see that Oh Bummer! Is playing near you, definitely go stop by.

Bay Ledges is Zack Hurd, a Maine-based artist that started Bay Ledges as a project while living in LA. Up on the plate for performing, and watching him perform was super intriguing watching him perform. The crowd was following him for every second. “Like A Bird” is a song I recommend after watching the show. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but this is also summer music in Maine in the best way coming from someone who has never been to Maine (but here's to seeing it one day!). Instead of being on the warm beaches of SoCal, This would definitely be chilling out on a boat in a river. In fact, his album “Ritual” is a good playlist for this feeling. So if you ever find yourself in a boating mood, this is definitely the artist to go to.

Photos and Review by Emma Dill

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