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"Baptized In The Flames" - Le Saiint | Review

If you want a track that is a fun twist on an alt rock track "Baptized In The Flames" would be a fire choice.

I instantly loved the anthemic grittiness of the guitar on this track but the pop-rock style vocals. Le Saiint creates such a dynamic track that just makes you want to groove. I think this track has a unifying power to it. All of the divides that exist and cause rifts between people, so much is superficial, this song makes an effort to push past that and towards unity.

Formed by Joe Sherman, the lyricist and vocalist, and Hector Medina, Le Saint is an alternative indie rock duo from Southern California. With their diverse blend of indie-pop melodies, laid back rock and roll, and their intriguing chord progressions this pair has crafted a unique style of dark west coast sound.

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