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"Balance" - Sleeping Lion x Miette Hope |Review

I’m a huge fan of collaborations and “Balance” by Sleeping Lion and Miette Hope is the latest – and one of the best – from a lineup of recent quarantine-induced collaboration.

Both artists showcase their strengths – for Sleeping Lion, production, and vocals; for Hope; her vocals – in this single to create a great pop song. On the surface level, it’s not a complex song, but the depth lies in the emotionality in the chemistry between the vocals. The chorus is quite catchy though – “You’ve been looking for balance/You’ve been looking for something stable/And I’ve been breaking my habits/…’Cause I could use some balance too” – crafting this story of two passionate people attempting to create a more stable relationship. “Balance” dares to ask the question if balance is even worth wanting over something more real, something that this interesting world of dating forces us to question regularly.

This collaboration comes as a result of years of friendship between Sleeping Lion (Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth McGuire) and Miette Hope. They met in college in Boston and toured together when they were eighteen. “Balance” comes from a collection of previously unreleased music with their favorite collaborators that will now be released due to COVID. With people such as Eric Bard (Jaden Smith, Halsey, Lido) and Michael Panek of Transviolet also listed on this track, this set of new releases are sure to bring attention to Sleeping Lion.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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