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Badder Than the Bad Boys - Peyton Shay | Review

Peyton Shay is most definitely “Badder Than the Bad Boys”! At nineteen years old Shay is a Billboard charting artist, reaching #18 in the US Billboards and #7 in the UK charts. This has only encouraged her to continue doing music and songwriting.

Shay grew up in a very proper and standardized town where everyone followed certain paths and expectations and she couldn’t stand it. She wanted to be on top of the world and genuinely live life for herself. To her, this song is about speaking and thinking how she wants and not how everyone else expects her to. She hopes this song gives listeners power and helps them discover their true selves.

Lyrics that stuck with me “Goodbye to the Goodlife” “Got a ripped dress and some red nails” “psychopath, yeah she’ll play you like a cheap toy” “picking flowers just to leave em dead”

With the influences of Avril Lavigne, Olivia Rodrigo & Charlotte Sands; Peyton Shay really shines on this track vocally and with radiating confidence. I truly hope I can be Badder Than the Bad Boys.

Written by Heather Kathryn

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