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"Backstroke" - Something They Call Myth | Review

Indie folk has something so perfectly warm that I just gravitate toward when the sky gets a little more grey.

Something They Call Myth just released new sing;e "Backstroke" which is a slow folky dream-pop track that just makes you relax. It is melancholy but comforting. I think every music listener will resonate with the softness of this story and stunning melody.

"Backstroke is the first track from our debut EP "One". It started with a guitar line which Clarissa recorded on her phone and named “backstroke” because it gave her the feeling of floating on water, with a leisurely and relaxed mood. Surprisingly, when she showed it to Lea, she thought of “backstroke” as an energetic movement and heard a much more active vibe in the riff. The resulting song juxtaposes the two perspectives in an analogy of how one might experience life: sometimes peaceful, sometimes turbulent, while looking for something to hold on to."

Something They Call Myth creates music steeped in melancholy, drawing on memories and conversations between friends for inspiration. The project began when New Zealand-born Malaysian, Clarissa returned to Auckland after a musical sojourn in South Korea, joining German-born Canadian, Lea whose search for adventure brought her to New Zealand upon finishing her studies in Architecture. While they draw from a vast range of experiences, their music is deeply rooted in the New Zealand landscape and the songwriting collaboration blossomed on a road trip of the South Island. Something They Call Myth’s multi-layered, atmospheric indie sound is influenced by artists such as Bon Iver, The Japanese House, Sufjan Stevens, Great Lake Swimmers, Mumford and Sons, Dustin Tebutt, & Fleetwood Mac.

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